Bid & Application Writing

We write your Bid or Application to Win!

Our bespoke Bid Writing and Application writing service are aligned to your needs. Whether a tender for a contract or an application for a business competition, we can:

  • Research & Evidence – Identify what needs to be included and undertaken to make a successful application and bid, this includes capturing any external factors and client information. Capturing factual information to support your bid or application
  • Planning & Resources – From the conception through the bid process to the reality of delivery. Many bids or applications need careful mapping and planning to ensure they align with your business priorities and retain good profitability. Also ensuring that the right people have the right skills and qualifications to deliver.
  • Clarity & Understanding – What is actually required for your submission, put in plain English!
  • Management – Undertaking of the management of the process, from where you want us to start, to where you want us to finish, our consultancy services mean that we can even help you with the delivery and any paperwork involved after being successful in your bid.
  • Writing – Use our services to write the application or the bid, including the correct terminology and where required ‘golden thread’ giving the application or bid the ultimate chance of being successful. Ensuring that all responses are easy to read and contain all of the relevant information (and are within any other bid/applicaiton guidelines. For example – number of words)
  • Reviewing  – Already written your bid or had a go at an application, we are able to review your documentation against the tender or application requirements, maximising any scoring against success criteria or weighting of applications.
Our tailored service can be as light or heavy touch as you require and depends on the complexity of the bid and/or the time you have to submit yourself.

We have had numerous successes in bid writing including:

  • Local authority bid applications and tenders
  • Business award submissions