Equine & Rural

Equine & Rural Business advice, coaching and training, tailored specifically for both the large or small Business.

Antares Consulting has ground level Agricultural, Rural and Equine Experience working with businesses including:

  • Farms & Diversification
  • Contractors
  • Horticulture and Food production
  • Pest Control
  • Pet foods & Supplements
  • Equine Retail – online and store based
  • Equine Therapy – Massage, Treatments, Rehabilitation etc
  • Grooms & Trainers
  • Riding Schools, Livery Yards, Retirement Services
  • Equine Authors, Publishers, Photographers
  • Equine & Rural Crafts
  • Specialised Equestrian & Farm Services

Assistance can be from Start up of an individual in self employment, through to larger projects including grant funding and diversification.

For existing businesses, it can range from assistance with Business Plans, Growth, Survival, Marketing, Customer Acquisition and even Digital Marketing or Social Media

Assistance with Websites is very common, especially wordpress where a popular option is to learn how to update and maintain your own site, all provided by Antares Consulting at affordable rates.