About us

Antares Consulting was set up to help those who really want to get the most out of their business. We work mostly in Essex and London, often covering further afield.

We work on a simple basis comprising of 3 components:

  1. Trust
  2. Honesty and Transparency
  3. Realistic

What we don’t do is promise to make the impossible, possible! You might want to make some huge changes or simply make your business work better, what seems impossible might be possible, but our vision is to get you there and keep you there and with as little risk as possible!

We do this by providing the tools and ideas that can move you, your people and ultimately your business forwards, making the previously unachievable, achievable. ¬†Our team will take the time to understand you and your business, what it actually needs to move your business forward, whether starting up, sustaining or growing. It doesn’t matter whether its planning, actioning or finding the skills, we can be there as much or as little you need us, whether in person or remotely.

All of our advice is supplied by those with real experience and we will not hide anything from you, we are passionate about doing what is best for you and your company. We want results that mean something to you and if we come across something we can’t do ourselves, then we will help you find someone who can – no blagging, no breaking promises and the honesty that you need to get the best of the best.

In fact if you don’t like what we’ve done and think its not up to standard, simply tell us and we’ll refund you.